Future Articles

The Case for Fiat Currency – Nationalize the Federal Reserve

Swiss Shooting Talers

Unavoidable Catastrophe – Copy Paco’s article

Cause & Track of 1930’s Depression –  Ref Peter Schiff

Sources to Purchase Bullion

Ideal Format for Currency

Ultimate Economic Options

  • Police State with strict price controls
  • Government Default and refuses to pay debts
  • Federal Reserve creates more currency resulting in hyperinflation
  • Federal Reserve is nationalized; National budget is slashed by 80% to 90%; Government creates money to pay off debt and does so.

Means of Suppression of Precious Metal Prices

  • ETFs – Overselling of paper metal, presumed by buyers to be real metal
  • London Fixes
  • Dumping of large quantities of metal on the market to bring price down
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